Thank you for your interest in our products! At Genetrix Kites, we're thrilled
to be the first company in the US to offer Genetrix kitesurfing products and XWY apparel.
Genetrix was the originator of the concave trailing edge "flat-kite"concept with the first
genuine 4 lines push/pull kitebar. This unique design enabled leading kitesurfer
Sebastian Cattelan to be the first to break the 50 and 55 knot speed barrier in Namibia, Africa.

Since 1999, Martial Camblong, founder of Genetrix, has dedicated himself to
designing and producing the best kites on the market.

The Genetrix philosophy is based on a true respect for our riders: Respect for their
passion and a commitment to deliver high Performance, high quality products with
safety features that set our kites apart from the competition.