"An image built on passion, quality and performance"

Martial Camblong

In collaboration with Eric Saurré, is the pioneer of the FLAT KITE concept and of the first 4-LINE DEPOWER bar. Trusting in the superiority of this design, Martial never stopped believing in and working on the concept.

Steadfast in his determination and vision, the first Genetrix FLAT KITES with TOTAL DEPOWER were released to the public in 1998 - a time when the kiteboarding industry offered products which were far less safe but hyped-up by marketing. Martial's detractors only reinforced his convictions and belief in his product. The eventual arrival of bow kites on the market is testimony to Martial's perseverance and the excellence of the design. On October 03 2008, S. Cattelan and GENETRIX broke the coveted mythical 50 knot speed barrier and became part of history, a crowning achievement culminating from years of hard work and dedication to the sport.