The Original
Origin2 Wave | Freestyle | Freeride

A new architecture of 4 struts, the Origin2 is a 4 line C-shape kite with a supported SLE edge. The direct feel response bridle system has no pulleys for a trouble free environment.
Water re-launch is immediate and straightforward allowing the rider freedom to master the next level...

Kite complete starting @ $700.00
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Origin Wave | Freestyle | Freeride

The ORIGIN blends smoothness and instant control while maintaining fast flying and turning speed. Highly intuitive and responsive, the ORIGIN can pivot on a tight radius with light bar pressure and is easy to control. As with its partner the HYDRA, the ORIGIN delivers unrivaled hangtime capability...

Kite complete starting @ $660.00

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Hydra V4 Speed | Course Racing | Freeride
The kite that broke the mythical 50 and 55 speed knot barrier, the Hydra is Genetrix's Course racing, speed & Freeride kite. The HYDRA features the SPS (Supported Profile System), a unique bridle structure which supports the front and rear profile, increasing stability in gusty conditions and producing a more powerful kite with breathtaking hang time. Developed by GENETRIX, the HYDRA is the only inflatable kite to use this system...
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X-WY Storm board shorts
The ideal accessory - because protection is not an option, but a necessity. The X-WY Storm is the only short on the market designed specifically for extreme sports...
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Lightweight Khaki
Made with the same attention to detail, this is the lightweight version of the Original XWY Storm board short. The XWY Khaki is made out of very durable but lightweight fabric for those who are looking for a lighter, fast drying board short...