Martial Camblong, founder of Genetrix, is a forerunner of the flat wing concept. He was involved in the development of the Seasmik and Kitech wings in the 2000s. He is now the founder of one of the fastest wings in the world, when driven by Sebastian Cattelan.

Cattelan has always believed in the flat wing design and was following very closely what Camblong was doing. He was convinced of the unique qualities of the Hydra, allowing him to reach his objectives in breaking the world speed record. Genetrix spent a lot of time fine-tuning the wings, specifically stabilizing the canopy profile, optimizing the bridal system and attachment points to enhance the Hydra and make it one of the most stable kites on the market. Cattelan tested the wings in virtually every weather condition, even the extreme conditions in South Africa. After all our team riders’ feedback and subsequent design modifications, our hard work paid off when Cattelan was the first to beat the mythical 50 knots benchmark in 2008 in Namibia, driven by his stock kite, the Hydra 9 m2.

Our next objective is for a Genetrix kite to reach 100 km per hour. We are also actively working on our kiteboat project, and we will be at the starting line of the next transatlantic race. Thanks to all our dedicated designers and technicians, but especially to our faithful clients without whom none of this would have been possible!