Julien Sudra

Home spot: The reef with side side off, 25/30 knots with 2 to 3 meter waves! Tahiti is often at the rendez vous. For the rest, surfing, motorbikes, sk8...

Actuality: I've been living in French Polynesia for four years. I have a house facing the spot, a great family, well, I feel on top of the world!
Regarding kiting, I've just received my "Origins"! Those kites are really great for wave riding also. I hope to soon maximize their great potential.

Your goals: To have as much fun as possible, and kiting as close to the barrel as possible.

Good riding to all.


* World champion 2001
* 2nd World champ 2002
* 1st Red Bull Tarifa sky ride 2003
* 2nd Miami master 2002
* 2nd PKRA rep dom 2OO2
* 1st wave master cap vert 2OO3
* 1st wave master les sables d'Olonne 2004
* 1st derby de La Baule speed crossing 2004
* 3rd speed Leucates mondial du vent 2005
* 3rd derby de La Baule speed crossing 2005

Name: Julien Sudrat
Date of birth: 12/31/77

Photo: Tim Mc Kena

Julien Sudrat
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