Jerome Bila

Home town? My board bag!! in Vanuatu & Australia at the moment!

How do you perceive Kiteboarding/Snowkiting in your life?
A priority! As soon as there is wind, I stop everything to go kiting. It's definitely a drug!

Your involvement in Snowkiting: For now just another rider, but in the near future that will change. I'll say no more!

Your favorite conditions? When the anemometer starts to flirt with 30knts, I start to feel in my element! Strong winds, waves...
I enjoy flat conditions from time to time for freestyle.

Your favorite spots? My home spot obviously, somewhere in the north of France! BroadWater and Wreck Rock in Australia (and many more!), the Kitepeople spot in El Gouna in Egypt.

Your trips? A little everywhere in Europe (England, Spain, Marocco, Egypt, Canary Islands… South Africa, Namibia, Australia...

Your favorite cult phrase? "What's wrong with you duuuude ??"

Your favorite tunes: Right now, Martin Jondo, dub Inc, Broussaï ... Aldebert from time to time!

Your other sports? Swimming, Wakeboarding, Volley Ball, Mountain biking...


* 1st semi finale Nord Championnat de France Junior Freestyle 2002
* 1st best tricks finale Championnat de France Junior Freestyle 2002
* 6th Championnat d'Europe Junior Freestyle 2003
* 9th PKRA Speed World Cup 2006
* 10th PKRA Speed World Cup 2007


Marc Antoine Martin
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